Passionate about tattoos, living in an environment where they are common, Marie-Andrée, was seeking a new career, a change in her life. Listening to her entourage unsatisfied of their body art, she studied the options to remove and / or modify tattoos. She looked at buying a laser first, but was disappointed with the results and was concerned of the health effects in addition to being painful without removing all colors.

Then she looked into non-laser tattoo removal, following some training on different techniques, none could compare to Tatt2Away®.. This technique with a similar pain to the application of the tattoo. With over 50 members in the US, 40 in Australia and more, this technique is what Marie-Andrée Lauriault wanted for her customers, only the best option for tattoo removal, Tatt2Away®.. Tatt2Away®.expels ink from the body using an escharotic healing process. Since Tatt2Away®.did not exist in Canada, we had to declare the product to Health Canada to ensure that it follows our guidelines and then we followed with the training offered only to Tatt2Away®.members. After months of waiting, we opened our doors, first in Canada, with a clean studio, easy access, free parking and flexible hours.